Is there anything better than throwing a great party?

The answer is - Yes! ENJOYING your own great party! 

Party Belles can help with as much or as little as you need. Enjoy your guests, we'll make sure there is enough ice.

 Any milestone * any event * any size


Too many brides spend their wedding day focusing on “what comes next” rather than enjoying the moment that they’re in. Its understandable- there’s a lot going on! Allow Party Belles to walk you through the process so that come the day of your wedding, you’ll never have to be checking your watch or wondering where you’re supposed to be! Because we know what your vision is ahead of time, we can take all questions from vendors and family members so that all you have to do is enjoy the moment. See our reviews to see samples of how we give our brides peace of mind on Wedding Wire.


 No matter what stage of wedding planning a bride finds herself at, Party Belles is always ready to offer support and alleviate anxiety during the wedding process. Do you find yourself at any of these points?

  •  I just got engaged! But now what?

  • I have all my vendors selected, is there anything else I need to do?

  • I’d like to add some additional aspects to my wedding, but how do I coordinate all these things I see on Pinterest?

  • I’m just a week before the wedding with everything together- but who is responsible for enacting all the details I want?

At any of these points, and a million others, Party Belles knows exactly the next step to take. In addition to coordinating vendors, setting up your event, and running the ceremony Party Belles acts as a resource for you and your loved ones.