As hostesses, we know we’ve done our job when we see the owner of the home or thrower of the party grab a drink and start relaxing with their guests. Our goal is to take the stress off you so you can have a party while feeling pampered as a guest yourself.

• Greeting vendors • Showing vendors where to set up • Greeting guests • Taking coats and purses • Displaying gifts and cards • Presenting a display shower • Making sure the dog doesn’t get out! • Making drinks • Refilling food, beverages, and ice • Running activities and games • Running a kid’s craft or activity • Entertaining the children so adults have a time to relax • Getting everyone to be quiet before its time to yell “surprise!” • Showing people to the bathroom • Answering any guest questions • Gathering trash that people leave behind • Providing a list of “who gave what present” • Loading gifts into the gust of honors car


For all events large and small including: birthday parties, retirement parties, graduation parties and family reunions. Party Belles has found that one of our most helpful services for events is hostessing for you, so you can enjoy the celebration stress-free. At an event such as your child’s birthday party you should be enjoying the day with your child and visiting with your guests, not getting the door and running out for more ice. We can help with...